Children’s night

Children’s night

Ecosistema Urbano
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Children’s night

Ecosistema Urbano en tant que Architectes.

01. Physical activity: “instal-action” at Madrid Matadero. Ecosistema Urbano organized this activity entirely focused on children during “La Noche en Blanco” event. The aim was to create a forum to exchange used toys as a sustainable, efficient and funny way to make new friends.

Each child who brought a toy could choose another toy and take it in return. Several enclosures containing toys were installed in the inner courtyard of Matadero, where he children had free access to discover by themselves their favorite toy. The enclosures functioned as a playground sandbox, a place to share toys and make new friends. Helium balloon lights, like Moons of “La Noche en Blanco” illuminated the scene to acclimate the action.

02. Virtual activity: “lanochedelosniñ” social network. At the same time, a social network specially designed for children was launched, so that the toy exchange could continue in the virtual space. This website allows children to meet other kids as they keep changing their toys. They can get in contact with other kids from the same neighbourhood and expand the social relationship of kids and parents.

In short, this project helps to connect children with toys, but furthermore, children with other children. This will take place through the website in which it will be possible to establish links and to continue sharing experiences and play throughout the year.

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