Chesapeake Car Park 4
Scott McDonald/ Hedrich Blessing

Chesapeake Car Park 4

Rand Elliott Architects en tant que Architectes.

Project Goals:

1. Focus on function.

2. Sensitive to safety

3. Fun experience

4. Create compatibility with existing campus architecture.

5. We hope to reinvent the parking garage image.

Focus on Function

1. Main entry is easily found.

2. Make it easy for people to remember where they parked! What level, which side.

Sensitivity to Safety

1. Access the garage with card key at automobile entry and pedestrian entry.

2. Plenty of light to navigate the space.

3. Security stations with panic button.

4. Security cameras

5. Elevator phone

6. Exterior lighting

7. 1 glass wall in the elevator facing campus.

Fun Experience

1. Our goal is to create a parking garage with “personality.”

2. Create a greeting as you come and go; add music, light, color and directional cues.

Campus Compatibility

1. Compatible “attitude” . . . with the architecture and the culture . . . an expectation.

2. Be sensitive to scale / proportion / materials / relationship adjacency to existing

campus buildings.

3. 52’ module that matches existing building mass.

4. Landscaping.

Unique Features of Car Park 4

1. Building 15 and Car Park 4 are envisioned as paired structures.

2. The vertical white aluminum fins provide a graceful, textured profile and allows the structure to change from a transparent frontal view to an opaque angular view.

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