Chengdu Seven One International Plaza

Chengdu Seven One International Plaza

Puri Lighting Design
No.78 Jinguang Road, Xindu District, Chengdu, Sichuan, China
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Chengdu Seven One International Plaza

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Chengdu Seven One International Plaza is located at the intersection of Jinguang Road and Rongdu Avenue in Xindu District, Chengdu. It covers an area of nearly 89 acres and has a gross floor area of nearly 450,000 square meters. It is a large commercial complex with the function of shopping, entertainment, residence, hotel, office and amusement blocks.


In Chengdu, Shu Brocade has always been its most important business card. As an old Chinese poetry said “poetry is embroidered on the brocade, and its beauty shocks the whole country”, the brocade has a wonderful appearance and texture. Its color, its pattern, and its crystal clearness create its dreamlike appearance. Inspired by the Shu Brocade, our interior designers bring consumers a beautiful and stylish experience. When design the indoor lighting,we chose the overall 3000K color temperature, creating a warm, casual and relaxing environment. We took the style of softness, flowage, coherence and hierarchy as the themes, so a stylish shopping atmosphere could be created.


The design of the atrium and corridor in the whole room is full of the softness. We hope that customers can get the soft feeling like the ribbons fluttering in the air while shopping, so we use the 3000K light strips to highlight the curved shape of the indoor Shu Brocade,and this is our design concept. Standing in the middle of the main atrium, when we look up, we can see layers of ribbons and the halo of light strips, creating an intoxicating layering.


When designing functional lighting, we often think about a problem: how to make the arrangement of the downlight not only keep the shape of the brocade, but also break the traditional layout? After thinking it over, we put three lamps in per group, thus a new layout came out. Both lights and groups can perfectly fit the style of Shu Brocade, while giving a sense of agility.


As a main place for citizens to consume, the image of the shopping mall is undoubtedly an important measurement index when people choose to buy goods. Therefore, the importance of interior designers is self-evident. Interior designers have created a suitable image for shopping malls. As a professional lighting consultant, on the basis of being a qualified interior designer,our duty is to beautify the image of the mall.