Charles Taylor

Charles Taylor

Mexico City
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Jorge Guadarrama

Charles Taylor

Work+ en tant que Architectes.

A space that works best for the needs of this company, part of a global group focus in services for the insurance market, was the target achieved for this project.


They were located in Torre Manacar, that has an excellent location and its design is adequate. Being a glass tower with tilted facades generous natural light is captured in the interiors. In addition, it has options to develop different distribution in each office level, which enabled to create a more efficient corporate interior design project, maximizing the space and observing its structure.


Work+ by Serrano Monjaraz as well as Charles Taylor are committed to continuous innovation and transparency, based on the communication between leaders and work teams that is reflected by designing a space without private offices, just formal and informal meeting areas, creating an open atmosphere were all the associates can live the space with the adequate balance between transparency and privacy.


To reach the ideal distribution it was key to respect the axis and the building shape concentrating in the core all the closed spaces and leaving an open area where bench type systems were installed next to the façade to benefit from the natural light in the whole area. It has a suspended plafond system, integrated direct lighting and apparent slabs reaching the greater height possible.


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