Charleroi Museum of Photography

Charleroi Museum of Photography

l'escaut architectures
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Gilbert Fastenaekens

Charleroi Museum of Photography

l'escaut architectures en tant que Architecture.

Hidden within a traditional block of houses, the new wing to the Museum of Photography in Charleroi takes roots in the orchard of a former Carmelite convent. The building is inside the enclosure of the convent, which hides a big garden which has several trees registered with the Heritage Inventory. The park is surrounded by backyards from suburban streets; a public school and a sports complex.

By investing the park, the new wing invites visitors and neighbours to inhabit this inner outdoors. The park creates the link between three social functions: culture, education, and sports. Its opening to the public becomes a matter of social dynamics and urban transformation.

The cladding made with the artist Jeanine Cohen reveals the profoundness of the building, flirting with the sky and the ambient light.

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