CHANTECLER Milan Boutique

CHANTECLER Milan Boutique

Correa Granados Architects
Via Santo Spirito, Milan, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy | View Map
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CHANTECLER Milan boutique

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The historic Chantecler boutique in Milan’s via Santo Spirito was subjected to a careful restyling, based to a new boutique design concept with shapes, colors and atmospheres inspired by the characteristics that make the island of Capri so special.


The primary aim of the new interior design image is to make this important boutique  an ambassador to the world of the refined and luxurious, simple and "true" spirit of the island, enclosing that joy and happiness inherent to the island’s soul.

This combination of languages is balanced here to reinterpret in a modern key the characteristic elements of its history.


Traveling along the street of the fashion district, the shop window captures the view of the passer-by in which the product floats suspended on a light stone shelf. Behind, a perforated stone panel with the maison's pattern of roosters, concealing the internal sale area from the exterior, like a lace handkerchief in the sun.

The glass entrance door is enhanced by the brass and glass handle with air bubbles, a reminder of the dives in the seabed around the island of Capri.


Crossing the threshold, you are greeted by a fresh and familiar atmosphere, a simple expression of the Chantecler world: plastered walls in irregular and textured stucco contrast with the 1 m high marble wall covering that surrounds the entire boutique.

On the front wall, the  maison's symbol jewels are framed, museum-like, in a floating display on the stucco wall illuminated by a flowing light of moving water reflections.


The luxury of the interior is left to the combination of materials and colors: glass, stones, stuccos and prickly pear fiber, a typical plant in the Mediterranean island, are combined and alternated with cleanliness and simplicity in the details, granting rare and amusing coral color accents on the seats and on the silk appliques.


A boutique that embodies tradition and modernity: it brings back to a past made of sea, rocks, earth, where you can breathe fresh clean air, with strong colors and feelings. The modernity of the lines that design the architectural elements complete the daily and patient work of the jewel craftsmen.

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