Changmen Hotel, Suzhou

Changmen Hotel, Suzhou

Puri Lighting Design
No.6, Wujing Lane, Xiatang Wai, Changmen District, Suzhou
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Changmen Hotel, Suzhou

Puri Lighting Design en tant que Lighting Design.

Changmen Hotel, located in the ancient-style garden of Suzhou, was listed as a cultural relic by Suzhou government in 1991 because it mixes Spanish features into ancient architectures in the Republic of China. In its long history, Changmen Hotel has served many dignitaries and personages at home and abroad, delivering a feeling of attachment to Suzhou.


Embraced with the gurgling water, greenery scene and forest, Changmen Hotel shines under the sun with its distinctive features. In this place, people can hear the echoes of ancient Chinese cultures to the west.


With an aim to inherit the feature of ancient buildings and to emphasis its exotic style, the lighting designer apply special methods to makes the light a storyteller, recalling the past of this building in a quiet space. The whole building is filled with warm light of 3000K, enabling customs to live in a peace and comfortable atmosphere.


Besides considering its cultural background, we also put climate into our consideration. As there is much rainfall in subtropical monsoon climate, we choose waterproof lamps with higher IP grade and apply concealed installation so that customer can be enlightened and have nothing to worry about, just as Chinese poet Su Shi in his words, “It doesn’t matter whether it is rainy, windy or sunny. I can live my own life.”


Light is also a kind of language expressing people’s emotion. It can also purify our soul. The lighting designer attach the attributes of lights to everything and impress customs with their professional knowledge and flexible mind.