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ÉlémentMarqueProduct Name
Block Estriado 20x20x40 NegroGrupo Joben
Block Estriado 20x20x40 NegroGrupo Joben11
Propagación de concreto negro.HOLCIM
Duela empatada 9 cmMarca Madera
MAKROS II panel de entrepiso aislante espesor 15 cmNovidesa
Accesorios de bañosUrrea

Fiche technique du produit
Block Estriado 20x20x40 Negro
Block Estriado 20x20x40 Negro
Propagación de concreto negro.
Duela empatada 9 cm
MAKROS II panel de entrepiso aislante espesor 15 cm
Accesorios de baños
by Urrea

Cerrada de La Paz #19

Estudio Tacubaya en tant que Architectes.

The project is located in Escandón, a colony that erases the line between the past and the present. Where life and family businesses are anchored in the community. Due to its strategic location, it has a wide range of services and equipment. The area is close to large vehicular roads and close to several public transport networks that facilitate the mobility of its inhabitants.


The project is located on a 343 m site. with trapezoidal shape and east-west orientation. The challenge of this project is preserved in its facade a crack built in the 40s cataloged by INBA. And achieve a cutting-edge building for residential use. The building consists of two volumes of 5 levels and a parking basement, on each level there are 3 duplex houses. The volumes are separated by the circulation center that distributes the access to the houses by means of a corridor with auction to two courtyards of up to triple height.

The volume of the main facade is remembered towards the interior of the property to highlight the preserved bay and respect the parameters of the affected buildings in the area.

The project consists of 10 homes plus a commercial premises on the ground floor. The criterion of the free plan is fundamental to maximize the area and optimize the architectural program for each home, the spatial relationship between the exterior and the interior is achieved through floor-to-ceiling windows that connect the patios and balconies with the public areas of history as living and dining room of each house. This allows to maximize natural lighting and ventilation throughout the space.

The internal circulation in each house is a very frank longitudinal axis that is distributed to the different spaces. The building is built based on black block walls and black concrete walls on the more cut side to harden the structure and apparent concrete signs to frame the balconies on the east and west facades.

The openings of the building go from floor to ceiling with a rectangular proportion of 1 / 2.5 that generates a rhythm and configures the development of the facade, the building takes advantage of the lighting and ventilation in its longest lake (south orientation) with an axis of openings At the end of each volume and a patio with cross ventilation, this allows the adjoining area to be a property that is not developed in the future, since it is a Metro installation.

The project has a rainwater collection tank, 3 garden elevators on the roof level and a commercial space on the ground floor.

Materia Used:

1. HOLCIM/ Propagación de concreto negro.

2. Grupo Joben/ Block Estriado 20x20x40 Negro.

3. Novidesa/ MAKROS II panel de entrepiso aislante espesor 15 cm.

4. URREA/ Accesorios de baños.

5. Marca Madera/ Duela empatada 9 cm.

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