Ceremonial Hall

Ceremonial Hall

Martin Rosa
Novy Jicin, Czechia | View Map
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Ceremonial Hall by Martin Rosa

Skarka Studios en tant que Photographes.

Architect : Martin Jan Rosa / www.martinrosa.cz

Photography : Skarka Studios - Katerina Skarkova / www.skarkastudios.com

The ceremonial hall in the premises of the town hall in Nový Jičín is the place of the most important life events, whether it is welcoming citizens, concluding marriages or other important meetings. The hall is regularly filled with the happiest emotions. However, its appearance from the end of the 1960s has ceased to be sufficient for the demands placed on the current significant representative space.



The new appearance of the hall, vestibule and adjacent facilities is intentionally moderated so that it is above all a dignified background for the events themselves. We have preserved the original layout of the hall - due to its orientation and proportions, the position of the altar in the axis of the longer side is logical, and if not completely ideal, then at least the best possible. We unified the floor in the whole room to one height level by demolishing the podium under the altar, which will undoubtedly contribute to its usability for a more diverse range of opportunities than before. With a few minor layout interventions, we achieved enlargement and illumination of the lobby, in which several offices were originally built. We united all the main spaces with a painting with a decent hand-painted camembert and a precisely executed wooden floor, which replaced the original cool-looking marble tiles. We kept elements with quality and timeless details - especially chandeliers, wall lights and doors. These were carefully refurbished and supplemented with new locksmith and carpentry products. New circular handles were added to the original door, new brass grilles were inserted under the window sills, and the altar is also new. The motif of interconnected circles, characteristic of the events that will take place here, is intertwined with all the new elements.



Alice Svobodová and Martin Jan Rosa worked out a proposal for the reconstruction of the ceremonial hall in mid-2017. Together with them, two more architectural studios were invited to submit proposals, and after two rounds of evaluation, our solution was selected as the most successful. The reconstruction was carried out in the period from autumn 2018 to spring 2019.


Project Details

Authors of design and project: Ing. arch. Martin Rosa, Ing. arch. Alice Svobodová

Partial profession of the project: Ing. Aleš Palička (statics), Martina Pantůčková (ZTi), Roman Michoněk (VZT), Ing. Lukáš Hejný, Ph.D. (PBŘ), Marek Macík (budget)

Realization: VYKI TOOLS GROUP, s.r.o., Ing. Tomáš Vytlačil

Subcontractors: Michal Bolehovský (wooden floors), carpentry Milan Šindler (joinery products), TON a.s. (furniture), Jiří Marhold (locksmith products) and others.

Technical supervision of the investor: Ing. Karel Trlica

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