Centro Cultural Mexiquense Anáhuac

Centro Cultural Mexiquense Anáhuac


Grinberg + Topelson Arquitectos
Huixquilucan, State of Mexico, Mexico | View Map
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Alexandre d La Roche

Anahuac Cultural Center

BROISSIN en tant que Architectes.

The project was designed with the university premise of having an auditorium where diverse artistic activities could take place, as well asconferences or symposiums. The project is part of the Anáhuac University’s master plan development. Classrooms and workshops were contemplated to allow the support of artistic formation and to strengthen the cultural life of the University’s Coordination of Art and Culture.

It is a multifunctional space for conferences, concerts, theater, dance, opera and academic acts. It includes: a vestibule that allows for temporary expositions to be mounted; a sculpture space; rehearsal rooms; dressing rooms and offices. The School of Arts resides in the Ground Floor, whose bachelor´s degrees in Plastic Arts, Contemporary Music, Theatre and Performance have been taught in the University for years.

The “Ángel and TereLosada Theater” has a capacity of 1300 people, it has all the necessary characteristics in relation to acoustics, Theatre mechanics, orchestra pit, stage machinery and stage dimensions that allow presenting any international manifestation of Fine Arts: ballet, theater, concerts, symphonies and opera. 

The architectural body is shown with a unique identity and respect for the campus’ context. A rectangular prism formed in its entirety by glazing of aluminum and glass gives form to the project’s exterior and shelters the central structure of the complex, all concrete, the “Ángel and TereLosada Theater”. The exterior body is crowned by a roof which seems to float above it, the solid and light character that gives a fresh personality and resuscitates the modernist and rational style of the campus. In contrast, in the interior organic forms by digital fabrication of a parametric origin begin to form from the triple height vestibule that receives all the buildings visitors. Once in the lobby the user is distributed through two lateral corridors of a sober impression that communicate to the 4 levels to which you can access the theater through the stairs.

The theater’s interiors showcase the structural walls in apparent concrete, the same parametric morphology gives way to the rafters, handrails and borders of the lateral balconies with the proscenium and stage, an orange ring supported by the maple wooden ceiling crowns the building’s entire ceiling and gives it an institutional identity by repeating the universities color.  The tapestry of chairs in dark colors with brushes of orange complement the architectural Avant – Garde attire in the interior. 

Inspired in the theatre icon which are the masks of tragedy and comedy, the diffuser in front of the proscenium and that gives the apron the necessary acoustics appears to be a laughing mouth when seen from the orchestra seating area and when seen from the superior balcony it shows an inconsolable mouth. An homage to the theater´s origins in ancient Greece and that today in this enclosure keeps finding and undoubtedly perpetual attainment. 

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