Centro Comunitario Bet-El Bosques

Centro Comunitario Bet-El Bosques

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Centro Comunitario Bet-El Bosques

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"With more than 20,000 m2, our future Bet-El Bosques Community Center will allow us to develop and nurture our spiritual life and sense of community thanks to the different spaces that were contemplated for this purpose."

Bet-El Bosques, 2018


The new Bet-El Bosques Community Center, located in the Cuajimalpa city hall, has been designed as a space where families are allowed to pray together and maintain participation spaces for all its members, always thinking of a direct relationship with the environment by having with an area surrounded by protected green areas.

The architectural program designed for the new Bet-El Bosques has been organized with a specific orientation of the main spaces, the main meaning of the complete program being to form a community space, that is, with life within it.

Likewise, elements have been sought that can be a reference for your community:

- The exterior structure will be based on an undulating white stone wall reminiscent of the Talit (shawl for religious use). It will welcome visitors while defining the perimeter, housing a small temple for daily prayer and the Mikveh.

- The most outstanding view of the wooded areas that make up the exterior of the project has been reserved for the main synagogue and the party hall. Both are located in the main body of the architectural program stacked in double-height spaces and have been provided with the greatest possible capacity (900 people in the synagogue and up to 1,000 in the party room)

- Lighting plays a very important role by providing transparency and warmth in each space.

- The areas for daily use surround the main body and outdoor spaces to reaffirm the sense of coexistence and maintain the natural presence in the designed program.

The new Bet-El Community Center will complement the spaces that the community currently has in the Polanco neighborhood and that have formed generations of Jews following pluralistic and inclusive principles that promote a way of living Judaism in tune with the contemporary world.

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