Centre for Advanced Imaging

Centre for Advanced Imaging

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St Lucia, Australia
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Centre for Advanced Imaging

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The Centre for Advanced Imaging (CAI) captures highly experimental molecular imaging technology and the necessary support resources within a single facility.

To realise the full potential of imaging as a research tool, the CAI provides a rich collaborative environment for researchers in disciplines ranging from engineering, synthetic and radiochemistry, physics and computer science to biology, medicine and psychology. This potent mix of researchers works on innovations in imaging technology, imaging biomarker development and in biomedical research disciplines.

Traditionally, this type of facility is introverted in nature and protective of the complex machines within, exacerbated by the layers of structure necessary to provide a stable environment for experimentation free from vibration and magnetic interference. In contrast, the CAI is designed to include areas of interaction and collaboration across all levels, and concentrated at ground and uppermost floors.

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