Cener Offices

Cener Offices

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Alaiz Mountain Range, Spain
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Cener Offices

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It is the design and construction of a building to support wind farm facilities, an office, meeting rooms and warehouses. Also a substation station is part of the project, in addition, the pavilion houses the control rooms of the entire wind farm.

The scenery is spectacular, located on the crest of a ridge near Pamplona, has a low vegetation of shrubs that change their colour at different times of the year, changing from dark green or orange. The pavilion aims to “integrate” into the landscape through two mechanisms. The colour, closer to ochre-orange bushes of the ridge and by vibration and movement. The place is obviously very windy and the vegetation is in constant motion, active. Therefore facades are constructed with a series of slats (fixed with different separation) away from the closure wall, causing shadows accompanying shifting and movement of the assembly, looking for light vibration.

The building is staggered, sticking to the ground. The ground floor contains sundry stores and is lined with extruded metal sheet also seeking the vibration by contracting with the light. The main floor, which is reached by a stagy staircase, is separated from the ground, elevated from the soil. The interior common spaces are looking for the different views the landscape offers, leaning their window/holes to the outside approaching the landscape. One-piece top floor contains a meeting room and a control room overlooking the landscape.

The building has two “faces” and obviously different facades. One is opposite to the road and the arrival, is opaque, facing south and light. The other, to the north, facing the landscape, is flat and full of windows and looks to the gigantic windmills towers.

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