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Mont-Roig del Camp Cemetery Enlargement

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The cemetery of Mont-roig del Camp, a rural town located 6 km from the coast, in the Baix Camp region, in the Catalan province of Tarragona, is surrounded by fields of olives trees (Olea europaea). The old cemetery was built in 1862. It's located close to the urban center north of its historic center. The architectonical solution propose is to expand the existing cemetery, due to the need of additional space. The existing platform was extended towards the south for available space. The existing height level is maintained. A central space, preserves an existing pine tree. It acts as a distributor for the different wings of niches provided, in the shape of a pint. The rest of the plot, in the lower level of the unoccupied area, the parking is going to be constructed and a ramp is the new access.

The parking area, is limited in the south by a ravine bordered by poplar trees (Populus alba). The plantain trees (Platanushispanica) in the parking area, were located to maintain a separation between logs equivalent to three parking spaces. At the eastern parterre olive trees (Olea europaea) are planted. The same olives trees as found in the neighboring fields. The existing majestic pine (Pinus halepensis) dominates the central distributor space. Thus it is integrated into the intervention proposal.

Linear planters with spontaneous vegetation and reinforced concrete benches for resting, were conceived as spaces for reflection. They are introduced between the platforms that will contain the niches. The flower beds and the linear concrete are between these linear forms. 

The earthy color and texture of the Roman travertine is for the flooring and cladding material. Combined with the corten steel and gravel from a local stone partridge; they become ideal materials to maintain the color harmony with the surrounding environment.

A splendid visual relationship is maintained with the skyline of the historic core and the surrounding fields.

The new open public space, with a platform as a balcony, incorporates nature into its configuration, establishing a symbiotic relationship with it.

It aspires to become a space of intimacy, which fosters meditation and accompaniment. An individual relationship with nature.

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