CB Trash Bag Container

CB Trash Bag Container

Monterrey, Mexico
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CB: Trash Bag Container

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This object is a reinterpretation of the trash baskets traditionally used on the exterior of the homes in Mexico. The aim purpose of this trash baskets is to collect the garbage bags that are produced in a house every few days and then be collected by the municipal service of garbage collection. The re-design of this object is based on it could have a dual purpose, as it is safer to keep the trash bags inside. The object is a metal container to store trash bags in it’s interior and at the same time serves as seating urban furniture. This container is made with a strong metal frame and covered with a metallic mesh that reveals when the container is full or empty for easy collection. The selected materials of fabrication allows the garbage be always ventilated to avoid produce bad odors and to protect it from external aggressions given by animals on the street (dogs, cats, birds, etc). The container is placed on a base that lifts it a few inches off the floor allowing in rain water does not touch too long with the garbage bags avoiding sources of infection. The top flaps of the container stand out a bit on one side of it allowing easily lifted to remove the bags and then be placed back to allow the use of the trash container as urban furniture.

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