Casa Vila Mariana

Casa Vila Mariana

Julia Otaga Interiors
São Paulo, State of São Paulo, Brazil | View Map
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Fernando Crescenti

House with comfortable decor and full of references from the owners

Julia Otaga Interiors en tant que Concepteurs.

Home to a couple without children, who have a dog and a cat. Because of the pets, the residence could not have a wooden floor - therefore, porcelain was used. Residents wanted to make the room more spacious and needed a home office space. They felt that the space in the room was not so well distributed. The biggest challenge of the Casa Vila Mariana project was to meet the totally non-standard measures, as the clients are more than 1.80m tall. In addition, the 280m2 property was fully renovated and delivered in three months. To make the environments more integrated, walls and shafts were removed; a hallway was transformed into an office integrated into the suite, thus gaining more space for the closet and bathroom. Among the furniture are the side table by designer Jader Almeida, pendants by Wentz Design and the joinery designed by the office of designer Julia Otaga Interiores. The main highlight of the project is the optimization of the plants. Environments were transformed into pleasant and spacious places. The bathroom was expanded to include a bathtub with a capacity of 415 liters (bathtub Riolax 1027); a small bathroom was removed, as it was unused, to include a large dressing table; the position of the bedroom door was changed to create a home office within the suite, removing part of the existing hallway. On the ground floor, shafts were also removed to extend the kitchen to include cabinets - and a cooktop island was also created.
Key decorating resolutions: The house as a whole was pretty neutral and had already been renovated. Divided into several environments, they had small furniture and no visual appeal. Interior designer Julia Otaga brought color and texture to the residence, using coatings such as Pietra Grey, from Portinari, and bricks from Passeio Revestimentos, which added sophistication and warmth to the environments. The personality of the clients is also very striking, which is why the project highlighted the duo's furniture and pet objects, such as the sideboard - which belonged to the client's grandmother, the doll-shaped lamp (which was in one of the office's niches) , between others. Each measurement took into account the size of existing objects. The film Pulp Fiction (a classic by director Quentin Tarantino), was also a constant theme in the decoration, as it is part of the couple's history.
Main project challenges: none of the measurements follow a standard, as customers are more than 1.80m tall. The entire joinery also had to take into account predefined measurements, because of the size of the objects that would be stored. For the house to be more organized, an important point of the briefing was to keep electric wires hidden, among other things.
Inspiration: the couple's history and personality.

Interior design: Júlia Otaga Interiors Office
Construction Management: Júlia Otaga Interiores Office
Responsible Engineer: Sergio Canashiro.
Photo credit: Fernando Crescenti
Location (neighborhood + city): Vila Mariana, São Paulo, SP.
Civil work: reformulate
Built area: 280m²
Construction start date: 09/2020
Completion date: 12/2020

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