Casa Unifamiliar MJ

Casa Unifamiliar MJ

Alventosa Morell Arquitectes
Carrer de la Cerdera, Lleida, Spain | View Map
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Casa Unifamiliar MJ

Alventosa Morell Arquitectes en tant que Architectes.

The order of the project is based on the construction of a single family house in the residential area of La Cerdera, Lleida. In this residential area predominates big surface plots (minimum 2000m2) with a composition of Ground Floor+1. Despite the big dimensions of the constructions, the design of the existing houses doesn't allow them to get profit of the total surface of the garden.


The aim of our proposal is to design at the ground floor level a house which permit us to extend over the plot and, at the same time, domesticate the exterior space by a sequence of roofs that are distributed from side to side of the garden.


To be able to reach these objectives, the different wings of the project create a central courtyard which let the proposal be organized around it. These autonomous wings are solved by zinc roofs and big glass facades helping us to delimitate the interior courtyard and to face the principal gardens of the plot (South garden and North garden). At the same time, we generate a sequence of transparencies that links all the interior activity with almost the whole exterior garden.


The organization in different wings also allows us to differentiate the two sleeping areas that the clients asked for (family area - grandparent’s area). These two autonomous spaces interact with each other through the interior courtyard and through the living area that connect them (kitchen-dining room-living room).


The materialization of the project has been carried out by a dry construction with metallic trusses, a sandwich panel with a considerable thermal performance and zinc finishing in slate colour (roof and facade from the height of the window's lintel to the top). In the other hand, for the facade's plinth and the pavement, a natural Quartzite stone has been used. It is a rocky finishing that helps us to generate a feeling of solidity to the proposal.


This construction system has allowed us to reduce the execution period to 10 months and, at the same time, to link the zinc roof and part of the facade to the traditional constructions of the residential area. Most of them with a traditional slate stone roof.      

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