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MIEL Arquitectos en tant que Association.

CASA SON BATLET is a single house placed in the heart of an almond-trees field, a quadrangular grid of 8 x 8 meters from which we just repositioned one of its members. Is a delicate rural action in which the technologies and the local materials are mixed by the ways of living the present.

The house organizes through 2 stripes, the first a daytime one SE oriented with a clear space and the second a nighttime one NO oriented with a divided space.

The daytime stripe consist of the pantry, the laundry, the kitchen + dining room + living room, expands itself forward the paved exterior of the terrace through a drilled facade. This platform, lightly elevated from the farming field surrounding, works as the propileos of the house, a domesticated preamble to the inside comfort space.

On the other hand the nighttime stripe, consisted of 3 bedrooms and two bathrooms, folds itself creating a personal courtyard which the bedrooms open to, closed by its way with an almond tree.

These two stripes join through a central body, giving storage service to the daytime area and being the studio for the nighttime one. This body emulates the repositioned almond tree being able to be surrounded and in this way making only one space of the day and night time in this house without corridors and not even complexes.

CASA SON BATLET materializes its exterior as a drilled enclosure from which appear the two sloped roofs, rain water collectors stored under the terrace and light conductors to the inside space.

In a close future second and final stage of the project, together with the parking roof and the welcoming pergola, the perimeter enclosure encompassing the outdoor terrace, will be rendered with the stone which constitutes the dividing walls of the plot, finally camouflaging with that hundred-years net of the inside of Mallorca.

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