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DMS Arquitectas en tant que interior designers.

This house is the first house we designed as a company, that is why we will treasure that experience for ever. At the end we were pleased with the results and the best part is when you can experience the whole process from the very start of the design and construction until the last decoration object, and when you can see how happy and pleased your clients are. Makes it all of worthwile.

This house is located on a beach called Playa del Sol, in the district of Asia, in Lima, Peru. As a regulation on this beach, the house could only have one floor with the whole second floor as a terrace, only partly covered with a light ceiling. The organization of spaces aims to leverage the social area locating at the leading front integrating the living room and kitchen with the terrace of 40m2, creating a relation between them. Inside a double height is generated in the Jacuzzi area, with access to the second floor terrace through the main staircase that is located around the guest bathroom. From the Jacuzzi area starts a corridor that serves as the main focus of distribution to the private spaces.

Along the corridor is the master bedroom, which is three steps higher giving the sensation of floating over the jacuzzi; then come 3 bedrooms, each with en-suite bathroom, and at the end a kids room. We used within all this spaces fixed concrete furniture and natural ventilation and lighting.

Through the door down the hall is the access to the service area of the house that holds on one side with two parking spaces for cars and one for a motorcycle, and on the other a bedroom and bathroom and a patio laundry.

On the second floor we have the main terrace that connects through the main staircase. This terrace has an endless pool, two living areas, a dining area and a bar area with BBQ.

The volume responds to three rectangular boxes of different sizes each of them for different uses connected by a main axis of circulation. Exposed material was used as concrete, glass, terrazzo and steel to generate a set of contrasting textures to the monochromatic façade, as the regulations only permit the use of white on the outside.

The front facade features a large “L” block painted white and the concrete couch has a ceramic veneer that looks like wood. The entrance to the house has a large window of tempered glass with sliding system colorless and metalwork. The pool upstairs is plated with pepelmas.

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