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Fiche technique du produit
Towel warmer
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Simón García | arqfoto en tant que Association.

A house situated in the heart of the Costa Brava with incredible views to a coast bay. Costa Brava is different of other coasts because of the big forest slopes next to the sea. The challenge was to fit a big program in a volume with some formal contrast with the nature of the place. So we propose some cubes placed as if they were randomly thrown, like if they were fallen from the sky, but finally they really derive from the fan-shape of the plot. Those cubes have the same size: 7 by 7 meters. They are absolutely open by one side, in order to have the sea views and the best solar orientation, even that they are protected by those very special big blinds (operated by hydraulic system). The situation and position of those cubes project the directives of the rest of the levels of the house.

Under levels have been integrated in the field with a big spaces opening to the sea. Ground floor that is the main level is situating the most important used pieces in open and direct connection with the outside terraces, swimming-pool and gardens. Three patios help to increase natural lighting and ventilation of this level. Also the serve to distribute the uses of the different spaces: guest apartment, main entrance and study, or the kitchen area and main living room.

Each patio has a different character:

- Arab patio: water in the centre of the house, fountain sound of the water cascade, and glass bottom of the water tank acting as a roof natural light window for the gym area. - Oriental patio: it’s the patio that helps to ventilate main part of the house, through service areas. It’s very simple decorated with pavement of river stones and bamboo trees as background - Tropical patio: in front of the main dining area and in the middle of the principal porch, there appears an exotic palm patio that crosses vertically all the house.

Lower level is in contact with the grass garden designed in micro-dunes. Here we can find the Spa and Hammam and a rest area. Separated there is also an apartment for the service of the house (housekeeper, babysitter).

Two main materials have been proposed for the façades:

- Travertine stone of the ventilated façade for the upper volumes, that is giving a noble character to this part of the house - And the gabions filled with stones of the area, used for the basement of the house and for the walls and protections of the garden

Another important aspect of the Project is the compliance to accomplish the principles of sustainable architecture, taking energy-saving measures into the design of the house and in the selection of the materials:

- The building has been designed in order to promote natural crossing ventilation. - All glass openings have been protected against solar radiation in summer. Also the position of the openings also allows the entrance the sun into the house in winter time acting as a natural heating system. - There isn’t in the building construction any thermal bridge, thanks especially to the system of the ventilated façade and taking care of the details for every corner and connection. The isolation of the house has duplicated the minimum required by the law. - Using ecological materials like cork thermal isolation for the roof terraces. - 20 m2 of high efficiency tube solar panels installation for the heating system (floor heating) and the hot water of the house. That system saves a lot of energy for the heating system. - Most part of the lighting of the house has been proposed with led technology that also supposes a high energy-saving. Also for the corridors we proposed automatic movement detectors to open the lightings. - Domotic system is being used automatically for different energy-saving systems like closing lightings not used, open and closing the blinds when necessary or depending on a time Schedule, etc. - The inside separating walls between rooms have been isolated with thermal and acoustic panels made out of rock wool with a total wall width of 18cms.

For the interior design general proposal starts choosing a very high character Wood floor, coming from Germany. We decided for big lengths of 5-7 m and variable width up to 45cms. We decided for the walls more neutral tone and clear with stucco finishing in light grey and the rest of the walls have been proposed with lacquered wood panels and doors. Lighting is very important in this Project. We have proposed decorative and technical lighting from Italian world-known brand FLOS. Some of the lighting has been built into the walls. Also we proposed all the glass openings in façade with lineal bath led light.

Our design for the kitchen was executed by Italian brand Arclinea. It was designed to be part of the furniture of the big space of the saloon and dining area. The back wall has been covered by panels with vertical strips in green grey colour and touch system for the doors of the cabinets, the fridge and the appliances. It is contrasted with the stainless steel island and pendant shelf. The furniture decided for the house was specially chosen with hanging elements. We proposed fresh furniture, more natural for a coast modern house, enhancing the contrast with the natural wood of the floor.

Swimming-pool is overflow as an infinity pool and protected by an automatic cover.

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