Casa Gabriela
Jaime Navarro

Casa Gabriela

CCA Centro de Colaboración Arquitectónica en tant que Architectes.

Casa Gabriela focuses on the precise incorporation of a number of specific conditions. In the first instance, a very broad program on a compact site; very well- defined and restrictive local regulations, and the incorporation of a sophisticated, precise and modern engineering project.


The house takes as a starting point the use of natural light, considering the lateral restriction of the site. Here a triple-height concrete wall is sited, which serves as the base and back of the house. This massive structural gesture enables the rest of the structure to be resolved with slender elements of steel and glass. Within this skeleton, the program is solved by means of exposed ceramic block walls, used only in complete pieces, which made a rigorous modulation necessary to allowed their exact assembly.


The heart of the house is a double-height space that serves as a living area and distributes the rest of the spaces around it.




Team: Bernardo Quinzaños, Ignacio Urquiza, Claudia Gómez, Eduardo de la Cruz

Client: Fernando Luege

Constructor: CCA ID

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