Casa di Ringhiera
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Casa di Ringhiera

studio wok en tant que Architectes.

Light and reflections dialogue with the living space.


The small apartment is located in the Cinque Giornate area in Milan, inside a typical Milanese courtyard building. It is inhabited by a creative young girl and faces both the interior courtyard and the external street. Therefore, it benefits of the natural light throughout the day, differently taking advantage of it.


The original wood beams of the roof have been disclosed after several years of being hidden behind the ceiling. Therefore, the apartment today recovered his historical identity, gaining at the same time higher ceilings.


In the living room, a light metal structure with printed glass divides the kitchen from the living area. The reflected transparencies and the natural light penetrating into the apartment generate a dynamic atmosphere where all the spaces are connected between each other, while still being divided into different rooms.


The floor of the central area of the apartment, which hosts the entrance and the bathroom, is completely different from all the others. It plays with colours, reinterpreting the traditional cementine floor, typically present in the Milanese house of the last century.


The kitchen is custom designed: it consists of a Carrara marble plan and a structure in Fenix, green Commodoro color. It is then defined and contained by a metal structure that serves not only as a separation from the living room but also as a tool for interacting with the space through the light and the printed glass. Shadows and lights change during the day and at night the whole system becomes a brighting lantern that characterises the whole space.


Into the bathroom, the shower box is a material block that incorporates the window, while the sink is integrated and supported by a furniture that chromatically dialogues both with the floor in cementine and with the finishings of the shower.

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