Casa C-P

Casa C-P

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Fiche technique du produit
by Scrigno

Casa in collina

Quadrastudio en tant que Architectes.

The project concerns the creation of a residence to be distributed over a gross area of ​​140 square meters . where there are only the outer walls and openings ( windows and door access ) . The latter , for reasons of perspective consistency with the overlying openings and not to make the planning practice too onerous , both from the economic point of view and from that of the timing for obtaining permits , have not undergone any modification. The intervention was well focused into the interior space through the creation of a measurement rooms according to the request of the property : n . 1 living room, n . 1 kitchen , n . 2 bedrooms, 1 lavanderia- Ironing , n . 2 bathrooms . Specifically it is got one " day " space that extends longitudinally to the direction of entrance for the left half casing and a " night " space on the remaining half of the surface . Areas that interact visually with the use of glass enclosures to ceiling creating transparency between the various uses and leaving in privaci only the rooms and bathrooms . Through the installation , also has a fireplace, central to the living-dining space , has also succeeded in obtaining a small entrance which acts as a backdrop on the back of the chimney itself and prioritize the sofa position than the dining table. The kitchen has been defined through a wooden box ' bespoke ' designed in such a way as to screen without closing the space hermetically.

The feeling of staying in a single space is generated in particular by the continuous paved surface , made ​​of resin , who runs, material and color , in every room , including bathrooms . These differ only in the lining of the walls ; porcelain stoneware one of the guests and their children , travertine stone that to the parents' room service. The feeling that you are living the house is ultimately that of perceiving a unique space in the center of which there is a fireplace that will become the "fire ".

The heating and cooling system installed , it is the floor type with the advantage of low fuel consumption and have the same temperature at all points of the room to enhance its comfort.

The electrical system provides integration for future use home automation based on what will be the individual needs of different family members.

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