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TECHNICAL DATA OF THE WORK: - ARCHITECT (PROJECT AND WORK): Jesus Sempere Doncel - Antonio García Gómez - RELATIO Architects - Follow us on: twitter (@ relatioarq) facebook ( - TECHNICAL ARCHITECTS: Pedro Pérez Villarías - Javier Ortiz Mondéjar - Patricia Sánchez ARQUISOL - ENGINEERING PROJECT: Lujan Engineers - David Lopez Lujan - DEVELOPER: Private - MANUFACTURER: Constructions Perez and Murcia

UP DATA The plot is located on the northwest flank of the population. With a trapezoidal porporción is configured between party and with an area of ​​approximately 150m ².

FUNCTIONALITY Pedestrian access to housing is produced by the existing street façade Villamalea, structuring the ground floor by a longitudinal half-formed plant run by a courtyard to the west and against party walls, and plant the other half consists of the construction of housing, and against the partition wall. Thus, it is the court which allows access from the street as a transition by controlling the privacy of the patio with a sliding gate system and leaving the kitchen first corner to the street and the backyard, thereby achieving the alignment to the facade. Access to the interior of the house is done once a little advanced the yard itself, agreeing to an open space living and dining. At the bottom of the plant built, you configure a package accommodating ladder climb to upper floors, bathroom and laundry, with access to it by the yard. The first floor is divided into "L" from the bottom of the plot, showing a cross-splitter with three bedrooms to the southeast, on the patio itself, and a compartmentalized bath in several rooms on the north, also open to own patio. Thus, the first floor rotates on the patio near the middle of the plant to set its own covered porch, getting an intern scheme on ground floor with outside patio areas found on both sides of the first floor. Finally, the second floor of the room is designed with multiple same ladder to the bottom and on the projection of the first floor, leaving one side open terrace area.

VOLUMETRY The building volume is the result of the implementation of building regulations, the parameters for livability and functionality, and a balance between the schemes required by the property and technical inputs raised. We set a master volume on the ground floor with longitudinal side yard, which is attached to the partition wall and set the alignment to the facade. This volume is organized on the first floor across his yard to half its size, generating a lower porch between open spaces and attaching to both walls. The second floor grows as smaller volume also attached to this and offered sharecropping an outdoor terrace which is on the first floor ceiling below. The living-dining room offers its own side yard and kitchen to the courtyard and the street. A set of three sliding doors in front to line up along with the kitchen, set the required street alignment and allow various options open in terms of privacy is desired and the degree of socialization that is intended for the people in each time.

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