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BBB led the restoration and expansion of Holy Rosary Catholic Church, as well as the restoration and relocation of the historic Adas Israel Synagogue. The projects were coordinated with and integral aspects to the construction of Capitol Crossing, Property Group Partners’ transformative 2.2 million SF mixed-use development comprised of five new buildings in downtown Washington.



Capitol Crossing closes a three-block-long gash in the city’s urban core created by the construction of I-395 in 1969. Built on a 7-acre highway-spanning platform, the development has re-opened a major east-west corridor, reconnected downtown pedestrian destinations, and helped to restore Pierre L’Enfant’s 1791 master plan for the city. BBB’s rehabilitation of the Church and Synagogue (located within Capitol Crossing at 3rd & F Streets NW) preserves historic fabric and contributes to a more vibrant and walkable downtown.


Both established more than a hundred years ago by immigrant communities, Holy Rosary Church and Adas Israel Synagogue are cultural anchors that have preserved tradition, culture, history, and language for generations. In the 1960s, the Church was partially demolished to make way for the construction of I-395 and the Synagogue was relocated to avoid demolition during construction of Washington’s WMATA headquarters building. Capitol Crossing’s focus on architectural preservation, urban design, and contextual, contemporary construction ensures that these longstanding community institutions will continue to thrive. Through a complex, multi-phase construction effort that involved two relocations of the 1876 Synagogue, the new development returns both structures to their historically appropriate locations and orientations.


The BBB led team also helped ready Capitol Crossing’s Center Block, the balance of the record lot that includes Holy Rosary Church, for future development. At Property Group Partners’ newly opened 200 Massachusetts Ave. NW office building, BBB is currently providing support for the development’s first two restaurants: L’Ardente and Love, Makoto.

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