Canal Story Exhibition

Canal Story Exhibition

Cheng Tsung FENG Design Studio
Taichung, Taiwan | View Map
Année du projet

Taichung World Flora Exposition - Discovery Pavilion

Cheng Tsung FENG Design Studio en tant que Architectes.

How land and water transform into the canal ?

From the wisdom of our ancestors, we construct the canal by adapting it to its ecology.


The canal acts as a lifeline that extends from the center of the island of Taiwan to its surrounding plains. Land and water create the canal, which presents a bridge connecting humans and the river.


In this area of exhibition, we wove, by hand, a roof made of rice straw that provides shelter from the wind and rain. Rice from these straws has been designed to descend from the ceiling. This demonstrates the story of how our ancestors used their wisdom to create the canal from Earth – by borrowing water from land, they were able to provide their people with ample food and clothing. The construction of the canal adapts to its ecology by retrieving water from, while returning water back to, the DaJia River. This allows us to see how humanity and nature can coexist in harmony.

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