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PORTA NOVA (a new Gateway) How should we design a place facing the remains of Alcudia's historical walls? What action to take opposite to the historical fortifications in there since times of Jaume II? A reinterpretation of the walled citadel and the site´s symbolism gave us the key to solve the proposal.

The new multifunctional building in Can Ramis is envisaged as a new entry to the walled city of Alcudia, to symbolize the south gateway on the fortification. The large concrete portico shelters different pieces of program (tourist information office, multipurpose hall, council offices and bus station). They leave sun-protected spaces and covered waiting areas between them. The use of light materials as glass and timber cladding reduces the building´s scale and their layout under the portico provides spaces that turn the building into a sort of filter, with solid and empty or glazed areas along the concrete shelter, which subtly segregate the pedestrian space from the nearby traffic, to generate a new plaza between the historical remains and the new contemporary gateway. A building to be crossed-through, a building with diluted limits, a building that stays there, but disappears organizing the area.

A new pedestrian area The project includes a new pedestrian context splashed with some green zones, shaping up a wide urban emptiness to dignify the historical wall. It becomes a neutral place –just with some furniture- where the fortification´s remains can be contemplated from, and –at the same time- the urban void allows for installing temporary stalls for the town´s weekly market.

…It will be a new contemporary gateway… reinterpreting the access to the enclosure, integrating a varied program in a unitary image, providing spaces for shade … welcoming and guiding the visitor into the walled citadel of Alcudia …

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