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The nursery (0-3 years) called Can Coix, in the municipality of San Antoni de Potmany at Eivissa island, is located in a rural area of typical Mediterranean vegetation; pine trees, oaks , ... that borders with the existing primary school and municipal sports complex.

The program is implemented on ground floor in a building which is broken into volumes to preserve protected trees and the Mediterranean site, to allow the transition between interior and exterior, and its ventilation and natural lighting, from a play of light and shadows tempered by pine trees.

It has an entrance square that makes the transition between street and nursery, which is positioned at a lower level, looking at the level of the pine trees.

In the interior there is a main distributor area that serves the entire program rooms. We find the atmosphere of the typical Mediterranean street as a meeting place for interaction and play of children. It is a bright and traffic flow between the interior and exterior, which aims to promote the benefits of education in collective activities. The five classrooms grouped by age are implanted in the south-east, in order to make better use of visual orientation and save the visuals to neighbouring school. In the northern part of the project takes part the rest of the program as a community service, filtering the noise from the street.

We works on plants and sections designing passive bioclimatic building, meaning the roof as another facade of the project. To simplify the construction and maintenance, and simultaneously provide a uniform formal intervention, we use as few materials as possible. This unit is powering from the game that fold walls defining the building, delimiting the entrance and playground areas, containing and delimiting the path circulations. In terms of building materials, the exterior finish is a plaster that matches the continuous intervention, adapting their properties depending on the application area.

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