Campus Evangelical Fellowship Headquarters

Campus Evangelical Fellowship Headquarters

JJP Architects & Planners
22, Roosevelt Rd. Sec.4, Taipei, Taiwan
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Campus Evangelical Fellowship Headquarters

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“Campus Evangelical Fellowship" is an organization dedicated to spread the evangelical gospel among Taiwanese students and graduates. So in the broader urban context, the project site is appropriately situated at the southern end of the religious axis that connects Taipei’s main cathedral, churches and mosque on the same boulevard. 


Located within the immediate context of the bustling Gong Guan commercial district and night market, and across from the National Taiwan University (NTU), the project consists of a 12- story multi-functional building on a very challenging 400m² site with only 300m² of allowable coverage. The building also integrates three distinct programmatic parts: the lower floors maintain the function of a bookstore while the middle floors are for gathering and exhibitions, and the upper floors house the headquarters of the fellowship. 


The massing of the project evokes the concept of ‘Salt and Light’ from Bible, and is physically manifested in the two parts that composes the building: “salt’ in form of the podium and the ‘light’ in the form of the tower. The height of the podium responds to its context and is intentionally aligned to the existing adjacent buildings. The street level bookstore adopts a glass curtain wall to extend its openness, while integrating the building to the dense commercial environment. The middle portion of the façade adopts a fenestration pattern inspired by the Braille signs of the great commission, "Gospel of the kingdom of heaven will spread throughout the world". Above the sixth floor, the window openings reveal the diversity of activities within the building, including office, assembly, studying spaces, accommodations and a restaurant adjacent to a rooftop garden for the students. 


The religious expression of the cross as the main visual element is articulated at two locations. One is at the corner of the assembly hall, expressing the passage from day to night with light and shadow. The other one is sculpted from the solidity of the service core facing the urban axis and main entrance of the NTU Campus, like a beacon that attracts the attention of passersby and students, inspiring their curiosity toward the indoor activities. 


As a whole, the façade directly reflects the composite functions of the interior, while also echoing the bustling context and diverse environment. It is hoped that after the completion of the project, the building will not only promote the students' evangelical work but also become a spiritual symbol of the city for gathering people and offering guidance.

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