Calle Roca

Calle Roca

galvez autunno arquitectos
Las Heras, Argentina
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Javier Agustin Rojas

Calle Roca

galvez autunno arquitectos en tant que Architectes.

The project consists of two sets of four houses each, placed in similar batches close together. One on the diagonal to the square of the city, with front on the street Rivadavia and the other in the block adjacent mid-block on the street Gral. Roca.

In the first, the units are arranged in a line, repeated in series, giving a particular character to the corner in accordance with the first buildings of Las Heras; while in the mid-block houses, all unified volumetrically articulated in pairs, sharing the projections of the bedrooms at the front and the gaps left them, duplicate measures and blurring the division between a house and another.

Both sets are built with structure galvanized steel profiles known as Steel-Frame and coated sheet pre painted black (guaranteeing the necessary solar heat gain in these latitudes). The material and color, provide continuity through the absence of eaves, unifying the "jagged" of the set volume.

On the ground floor, the base is of concrete block, used as a facing in places where openings require ledges or blind planes, and in the dividing and containments walls roads where wear for use is greater. Also they unified by color and material with the yard and exterior brushed concrete sidewalks.

The openings of black aluminum, were sized and positioned strategically depending on the solar effect, visual and natural lighting of the environment.

In response to the strong winds characteristic of the area, the window leaf that open are tilt-wing combined with fixed panels that in almost all cases have a ratio 1/3 - 2/3 respectively.

The mark of the project, given by the characteristic profile of its sloping ceilings and the dark outline of its walls, stands without shrillness on the streets of the city.

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