Cairo Vertical Forest
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Cairo Vertical Forest

Stefano Boeri Architetti en tant que Architectes.

Stefano Boeri Architetti (SBA) has presented the project of three green architectures designed for the New Capital (New Administrative Town) under construction in the South East area of Cairo.

The three experimental buildings– one hotel and two apartment blocks – will be built by theEgyptian developer MISR Italia Properties in a central area of the New Capital.

The three “green cubes” – that represent the prototype of an architecture thought and designed to be modified in its functional purposes and replied in the whole metropolis - measure 30 meters both in height and width and host 350 trees and more than 14000 shrubs and perennials belonging to 100 different species, one third of the genera living in the whole Greater Cairo.
The total green area will overcome 3600sq.m.equal to the building footprint.

The three new vertical forests, that will be energetically self-sufficient, will absorb about 7 tonsof carbon dioxidein one year and produce 8 tons of oxygen.

While presenting the three green cubes, that have been designed by Stefano Boeri Architetti with the Egyptian designerShimaa Shalash as local partner and the collaboration of the landscape agronomist Laura Gatti, Stefano Boeri and Francesca Cesa Bianchi, partner and project director of SBA, introduced the vision of a Greener Cairo, that consistsin six demineralization strategies for theEgyptian city.

In addition to the insertion of green buildings and vertical forests, the ecological conversion of Cairo includes a big campaign to make greener thousands of flat roofs in the city,the “vegetalization”of facades and the realization of a system of green corridors that will go through Cairo and will be gatheredby a big orbital forest.

According to Stefano BoeriandFrancesca Cesa Bianchi: “Cairo can become the first Northern-Africanmetropolis to face the bigchallenge of the climate change and of the ecological reconversion”.

The construction of the buildings will begin in 2020 and itwill be completed in 2022.

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