Cabins in the Forest
David Frutos

Cabins in the Forest

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Making architecture is something complex. A complexity associated with its multiple conditioning factors of social, economic or cultural type and that evolves at the same time as technology evolves. If we focus on this situation in the case of housing, we see that each person, couple, family or group has different needs that are reflected in their way of life.


On this approach we talked with the owners of a plot in the old town of Elche. They tell us that they would like to live in a forest, but they have a small lot between walls. The project begins with the search of aspects related to a forest that can be applied to the design of this single-family house with two floors: vegetation, growth over time, large spaces, introverted spaces or overhead lighting among others.


The house rises in three interrelated levels through a vegetable patio and is organized by two strips in plan. In the first strip we propose a single space, of two heights, luminous and more related to the patio than to the exterior of the house. In this space, two elevated rooms are introduced on the diaphanous ground floor, in the manner of high cabins in a forest. The lighting of this space of two heights that houses the "cabins", is produced through the patio and is reinforced overhead on the highest part of the ground floor. The second strip is narrower and more closed: on the ground floor it is occupied by the kitchen and on the first floor by the main room. From the main room you have a view of the curves of one of the "cabins" bathed by the overhead light and that emphasizes the sinuosity of its volume.

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