Burgos Dental Clinic

Burgos Dental Clinic

Jaime Sepulcre Arquitecturas
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Burgos Dental Clinic

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Gingival Space
The 'Raquel Gomez Dental Clinic' is a project located in the Burgos’s downtown in Spain. The project of interior design doesn’t go unnoticed in any of its aspects. From the beginning of the design process, the architect Jaime Sepulcre has developed the design together with the interests of the client, that is a dentist. The investments of the architect into the dental world have given him the keys to develop the project.

Creative proccess
The client is a dentist with 15 years of experience and requested the architect to improve the previous conditions of the former dental clinic. One of the main requirements of the client was to include as part of the design the Feng Shui philosophy. In order to face this challenge, the architect suggested first to fluff the space and to create visual clearness, following to intensify this strategy with a fluid space without corners or edges, putting into practice the chinese aesthetic philosophy.

Amoeba heart
Therefore the whole clinic is organized around a central pink space, which is surrounded by a number of curved glass walls. That curved glass make a shape that looks like an amoeba, the glass walls are equipped with self-centering pivoted door, working as a connection between the different rooms that are white in the inside. The privacy of the patients treatment area is ensured through a translucent vinyl placed at the human stand height of the glass walls. These organic spaces defined thanks to curved glass walls are also proposed themself as a health treatment. This means that prior to dental treatment the architect raises a previous relaxation that occurs when you arrive from the tumultuous of the putside space and suddenly you are introduced into the interior calm of the clinic. 

The gingival space
The floor of the amoeba central space, where is also placed the reception desk, is painted on pink  to represent metaphorically way a "gingival space" of the mouth. The rest of spaces, the radiology room, the waiting room, sterilization room and the cabinets are white coloured and walls represent the teeth. Together pink and white spaces symbolize the "dental space". The client explains “this funny idea is a constant in the whole clinic space ans serves as the best metaphorical example of a healthy mouth”.

Recovering the prexisting space
In the process of reusing the existing elements of the former clinic, the architect remained two points: the initial access and the sunlight entries from the street. One of the most interesting refurbishing points of the project is the recovering of all wooden pillars that are random located in the middle of space. They bring a portion of the memory of the former place, giving it an aspect of 'natural vintage support'.

Some conclusions about the project and the architect
No doubt the smart design of this clinic is extremely intelligent, because it combines basic needs with comfort qualities implementing everything with the feng shui philosophy. Because of this intelligentsia by the architect, who has wonderfully understood the requirements of the project, it has been recognized in the VIII edition of Castilla y Leon Architecture Awards. Jaime Sepulcre, who is based in Elche, has also won several awards for his architectural projects in the past years, among which includes the Architecture Awards of Valencia in 2011, with the first prize both in Architecture and Interior Design categories.


Material Used :
1. POLYREY / Ceiling / High Pressure Laminate, Pure Metal ALUMINUM BROSSÉ A 008
2. ZUMTOBEL / Ceiling Lighting / Ondaria
3. DURAVIT / Sanitary equipment / Architect
4. JUNG / Light switches / LS 990 white

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Produits utilisés dans le cadre de ce projet
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Light switches / LS 990 whiteJung HQ
Ceiling Lighting / OndariaZumtobel Lighting Gmbh
Ceiling / High Pressure Laminate, Pure Metal ALUMINUM BROSSÉ A 008Polyrey
Sanitary equipmentDuravit
Fiche technique du produit
Light switches / LS 990 white
Ceiling Lighting / Ondaria
Ceiling / High Pressure Laminate, Pure Metal ALUMINUM BROSSÉ A 008
by Polyrey
Sanitary equipment
by Duravit
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