Broeklin Makers Market and Performance Hall

ORG Permanent Modernity en tant que Architectes.

Broeklin in Machelen is a brownfield in the Brussels canal area, at the intersection of Belgium’s most important national infrastructure. The project is part of the transformation of a large industrial site in the northern Brussels periphery.

The Broeklin will be developed into a dynamic economic hotspot, focused on education, innovative manufacturing, and mass customization of consumer goods. This novel type of industrial activity is complemented with spaces for performing arts, music, and recreation. This mix of functions create opportunities for circular economy.

The combination of production and consumption requires a new architectural typology. ORG designed a series of large, multi-storey industrial halls, with spaces for ‘maker shops’ on the ground floor. Each hall is based on the same plan and composed with the same elements, but gets a different architectural identity through a different roof shape. This makes every hall unique, thus expressing the customization concept of the business case.

The halls are set within a green framework, that penetrates through the buildings, and provides ecological functions. Hundreds of trees will be planted along a series of wadi’s and ponds, to restore part of the historic valley of the Woluwe and Zenne rivers.

The proposal for Broeklin is based on the urban plan for the same area, Broeksite, that ORG developed for Machelen in 2019.

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