Bradbeers Department Store

Bradbeers Department Store

John Pardey Architects
New Milton, United Kingdom

Bradbeers Department Store

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Bradbeers is a thriving medium-sized regional department store in the town of New Milton in Hampshire. Our task is to create a design that unifies the disparate elements of an existing collection of buildings, while facilitating a 50% increase in floor area.

The proposal is to demolish both two-storey ends of the store to create new ‘bookends’ while the central part is to be retained and refurbished.

To the northern end, the building creates a new ‘front door’ onto the street, with a three-storey high inset entrance set into a red brick façade with a large oriel window projecting at first floor to attract the eye of pedestrians who then arrive to a welcoming, triple-height glazed entrance that leads to escalators within.

The central retained section is to be completely refurbished, with existing stairs and service areas stripped out to provide clear retail floorplates. The southern end is to be replaced with a three level retail, café and restaurant building with new staircase and lift, together with new customer toilet facilities. A small cafe is located at the entrance while a new double-height restaurant is located at second floor. Both ‘bookends’ are formed in a red stock facing brick that closely matches that is consistent with the red brick palette that is typical of New Milton’s town centre.

The overall expression of the new and refurbished buildings will be of a single new building, yet one that has a sub-divided and rhythmic ‘bay’ structure that ties it to the urban grain of the town.

The store will provide a new flagship for the town.

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