Buro Lubbers Landscape architecture & Urbanism en tant que Concept & landscape.

Buro Lubbers developed a unique concept for a sound reducing barrier that simultaneously functions as a residential building. Landscape, urban design and architecture joined forces against the noise of the A58 highway in the south of the Netherlands near Tilburg. The result is an elongated building facing pine trees in huge containers. This new-born icon in the national Dutch landscape proves that sound barriers can indeed be beautiful.

More than 700 meters long and 14 meters high, the façades of 170 houses function as an acoustical barrier. Usually, houses are built behind the barrier. In Boschkens houses are the barrier. The innovative concept by Buro Lubbers is based on a design principle, that connects the green and quiet inner world of the forest to the hectic world of the 24/7 dynamics of highway A58. How?

First, by a 5% sloping of the noise reducing façade, thereby creating space towards the highway and a sheltered location for housing. Second, passages in the building lead to sunken parking boots in the security zone of the highway that is transformed into a nature area. Finally, all houses and a series of public outdoor rooms offer an amazing view both to the forest and the highway. This functional connection between the building and the landscape is also aesthetically emphasized. At night when the narrow windows in the façade scatter a green and blue light. During the day when the tree tops in the containers visually intertwine with the woods in the background.

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