Borovoe-Biocity 2050

Borovoe-Biocity 2050

Simon Rastorguev
Borovoe, Kazakhstan | View Map
Année du projet

City of the Future

Simon Rastorguev en tant que Architectes.

The project of city, as new element of moving, means itself some external circumstances of the future time. Aggression of an external environment, the huge population of a planet, development of technologies, including organic, increased rate of ability to live of the man and community. The city of the future can settle down not only on a surface of continent, but also on water, the huge areas of world ocean can be involved. More precise and certain (determined), division it on inhabit, working and public zones, in view of development of transport. Occurrence of a blanket of city and organic origin. Such layer will keep a microclimate of a settlement, to protect it from influence of external environment, as well as environment from influence of city. It is absolutely imperceptible inside cities and outside - on the contrary, represents active under the form and color structure taking place in movement, in return dependence on the population of city at the concrete moment.

In the afternoon, when the population of a megalopolis is increased, the layer extends, night, - is accordingly compressed. Same concerns also concrete areas of city, with increase of quantity of the people in one area and reduction in the friend the layer makes fluctuation, increasing volume accordingly of first area and reducing volume second. The city becomes similar to working heart, which is reduced in periodicity.

Borovoye - BioCity is a special part of our Organic City concept in which we try to apply our ideas to the actual conditions of Kazakhstan at the request of Committee tourism industry of Kazakhstan . It is a study to transform our futuristic concept to the real architectural project and then to the real city, we hope.

More info: Borovoe-Biocity 2050

Authors: Simon Rastorguev, Mikhail Kudryashov, nmaxu architects

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