Bookstore Saraiva - Casa Cor São Paulo

Bookstore Saraiva - Casa Cor São Paulo

Sabrine Santos Arquitetura & Interiores
São Paulo, Brazil
Année du projet


Trovata Comunicação en tant que Médias.

Designed by the Office Sabrine Santos Architecture & Interiors, the Saraiva Bookstore at Casa Cor 2011, will provide a new way to display books and magazines in digital form, integrating seamlessly with the conventional form of presentation and reading.

Through virtual shelves displayed in three large touch screen devices, digital books will be chosen to buy and read, but also on portable devices known as tablets, which are exposed for demonstration.

The proposal seeks to exclude from printing books on paper, reducing the environmental impact of logging. Another advantage is the storage power of the tablet, enabling a multitude of publications in a single device, eliminating the need for physical space for this purpose.

Another difference is the relaxed way of exposing the material works, magazines, audio and video on shelves and curved niches illuminated with RGB LED strips that change color.

In partnership with Editora Abril, totems of self-service will be available for visitors to acquire a new way, fast and practical, accessions from a variety of magazines.

The space will also feature an area of next-generation 3D games, where speakers will be addressable installed in the ceiling, not interfering in the sound´s place, being restricted to those who will be interacting with the game, both still unpublished in the country.

The floor will be Tauari certified wood, eco-resin possess a water-based, and two different tones, with patinated and the other in a normal varnish.

The liner will have a luminary of 28m ² with a completely unique design, having a tensioned screen as a back-light with high definition print, printed by a composition of 300 books from the collection covers the bookstore.

Lights around the bottom, and two curved wooden benches that follow the design of the place, with niches and books on the back, are some of the more attractive space.

The Bookstore Saraiva, 78.8 meters square will feature innovation, interactivity, entertainment and comfort, with the advancement of technology and how to access the media and information and inspiration of the architectural design office Sabrine Santos.

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