Blumé Clothes and accesories

Blumé Clothes and accesories

Rúa da Concordia, 28, Ourense, Spain | View Map
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Blumé Clothes and accesories

equipoeme estudio en tant que Architectes d'intérieur.

The biggest challenge, besides the tight budget, was to articulate a three level narrow space in a single volume. In addition, we needed to ensure that the product does not interfere with the space, but get integrated into it.

The space got unified with the finishes palette, simplifying it and visually cleaning the walls. Likewise, a continuous cabinet unified the first two levels; said cabinet integrates shelves, counter and showcase.

The location of the counter enables the vision of the entire shop, making it easy to be managed by just one person, even in a two stories space.

In the lower level, the ladder was treated as a single wooden volume, which also serves as exhibitor, achieving a liberated visual space.

Graphic design: Planb Estudio
Photography: Nolatípicafoto

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