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septembre en tant que Architectes.

Renovation of a 70m² apartment for a family of four in the 19th district of Paris. Project delivered in july 2011. Removing the partition walls created a larger living area, with an open kitchen becoming the main feature of the space.

Here is an interview with the client made by agermanmagazine :

How old are you? 34 years

Do you live by yourself? If not, who is living with you (name, age)? I live with my husband, and my two sons What’s your profession/your partners profession? Why? I'm a graphic designer and Alexis is a writer and comedian.

Where are your from/where did you grow up? I'm both French and German (from my father's side) ! My family and I lived many years abroad (Madagascar, Haïti, Senegal). I came back to France for my studies. Your home in three words... Bright / Lively /Cosy How did you find your home (have you been looking for it for a long time/found it by accident etc.)? When did you move in? We needed to move in a bigger place as I was expecting Isaac. We searched an apartment to buy. It isn't so easy to find an affordable apartment in Paris and there weren't many offers anyway.

When was the house it built/renovated? We moved in at the end of the renovation, in july 2011.

What kind of interior design do you like and why? I like all kinds of interiors but the one I live in has to be clear. Nice furniture (some new, some family vintage…) and decoration but not to much. Is there a (funny) anecdote about your home, your move-in, the renovation process, a history, etc. ? We found a bearing post (poteauporteur ??) in one of the walls we planed to demolish. It was a big deal at the beginning but now we got used to it. We even like it !

What did your home look like when you saw it for the first time/when you moved in? It wasn't really appealing except for the light and the double exposure with view on the roofs. Their were many partition walls. It was old and all painted in ugly colors ! But it had a good potential.

What do guests notice first when entering your home? "It's so white !" They notice the floor painted in white and are seduced by it. Parisians are used to their oak "parquet"… The mint "metro" stone floor seems also attractive.

What makes your home special/different from other homes? Its colors and materials (white floor, birch for the kitchen) and these unusual stairs leading to our bedroom.

How did you come up with the design for the new kitchen? Lina and Dounia from Septembre came to us with this project and it seemed obvious. It's really hard for me to handle with space (that's why I'm a graphic designer and not an architect !) but I trusted them 100%.

What do you like most about it now? It's well conceived, functional. I enjoy to cook in it while watching the kids. And from the couch, it offers and enjoyable view !

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