Blackfriars Circus
David Grandorge

Blackfriars Circus

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Our group of new buildings lines the south-eastern end of Blackfriars Road and fronts St. George’s Circus, an important hub from which boulevards connect to the 18th century river crossings at Lambeth, Westminster, Waterloo, Blackfriars and Southwark.

The buildings act to repair the historic form of the circus and introduce a new landmark. A 28-storey masonry tower emerges from the block, set politely one building back so as not to dominate, its slender façade is turned to address the obelisk at the focal point of the circus giving it its hexagonal form.

photo_credit David Grandorge
David Grandorge


Set behind the boulevard frontage, a number of more intimate public spaces are created.  A square with café, seating, trees and fountain links Blackfriars Road and Library Street. A yard is entered through the square that is lined on all sides by small workspaces. In all 22 new business will activate and inhabit the public realm.

An additional atrium space is created by happy accident whilst reconciling the residential plan of the southernmost building that mediates between the circus and square.

photo_credit Tim Crocker
Tim Crocker


In total 336 new homes of different tenures have been occupied including 56 affordable rented properties for Southwark Council.

A Joyous Variety of Brick
The building facades draw influence from historic warehouses of Southwark and Clerkenwell. The public street frontages employ a joyous variety of stock and colourful glazed bricks while the backs remain relatively simple and plain. The modelling and enrichment is classical without being traditional and is enhanced in prominent places such as the entrances and the tops.

photo_credit Tim Crocker
Tim Crocker


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Brick claddingSt Joris
MortarCPI EuroMix
Supplier St Joris brown-glazed, green-glazed and white-glazedIbstock Bricks
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Geel Zilverzand / attitude, Garda, Sevan, Nevado by Vandersanden
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Supplier St Joris brown-glazed, green-glazed and white-glazed
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