Bitrix24 office in Moscow

Bitrix24 office in Moscow

Simon Rastorguev
Moscow, Russian Federation | View Map
Année du projet
Anastasia Solntseva

A new office of IT-company 1C-Bitrix opened in Moscow.

Simon Rastorguev en tant que Architectes.

The task from the client was: to make the project of the office as quickly as possible - for 2 weeks. We had no more than 2 months to implement the project. It was also necessary to keep open ceilings with visible communications. All the rest of the interior was planned to be made as economically as possible - walls for painting, matte-glass partitions, carpet covering on the floors.

Our team made an analysis of many offices of IT companies. Most of them is united by bright colors and small games with geometry, which hold the whole design on themselves.

In our case, some of the walls were kept from the previous office, the re-planning was insignificant to save time for realization of the project.

Therefore, our idea was to introduce bright art objects into the strict orthogonal geometry of the walls.

These smooth objects, were called upon to bring life into this office space and attract all attention. We invented the "arch", which combined the reception desk and a table of the conference room into a single subject. Also, 2 "trees" were invented, which were more decorative with a lights inside and partially concealed the existing column. In addition to these notable objects, less vivid second plan objects were also developed: a window to the kitchen, a wavy wall of accounting room and a relaxation zone that contained soft sofas in rigid geometry.

However, when our experts calculated the budget for the project, it turned out that it was too high. So we had to rethink the design.

We made a 2nd incarnation of the design.

We have "geometrified" all art objects - broke them into a minimum number of large polygons. And a clearer and laconic version of the design appears, which was realized.

A pixel grid was created for the floor of this space in which the colors of the main elements of the office were reflected . All communications on the ceiling was painted black to hid it in the darkness. The level of the lights is located just below. We have created light lines, composed of diode RGB-luminaires. The lines are concentrated over the work tables. Above the aisles there are no such lines, therefore, smooth cutouts are created in the system of these parallel lamps. Also additional illumination of art objects is provided.

Opposite to the art object "Arch" in contrast to its lightness was created a dark and monumental form of the dressing room. The columns of the office are lined with a mirror metal, which creates paradoxical optical effects in the space.

Project team: Simon Rastorguev (concept, C.P.A.) Artem Ter-Stepanian, Victoria Kim

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