Biotech Research and Incubation Center

Biotech Research and Incubation Center

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Hsinchu Biomedical Science Park, Taiwan | View Map
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Biotech Research and Incubation Center

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Surrounded by mountains, farmland, and open space, Zhubei Biomedical Park forms a beautiful research and incubation environment. The project, an 11-stories tall biomedical research building, and the Taiwan High Speed Rail Hsinchu Station will anchor the two ends of the central axis of the park. The design is based on the concept of "bio-core“, which explores how architecture can inspire to behave like living organisms in response to its environmental conditions. The project provides a creative research platform for the biotechnology industry, while incorporating sustainable green energy, technological imagery and humanistic concepts, to elevate organic architecture to a level of holistic consciousness.


The concentration of the building volumes allows for maximum open space and facilitates connection with the central green belt. The exterior design of the building considers the environmental factors to stagger the volumes, and through parametric analysis, translates the response into a rhythmic fenestration pattern. The modular curtain wall units feature recessed glazing that provides shading when necessary while being angled towards the path of the sun, achieving an effect similar to phototropism.


The interior the building incorporates communication and sharing as the design concept with the research units organized around a central atrium. Each typical floor consists of three units of different sizes that that can be combined to yield various configurations. Such flexibility is supported by separate circulation systems for users and materials, along with an efficient HVAC system.

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