Billboard house

Billboard house

Apostrophys The Synthesis Server Co., Ltd
Bangkok, Thailand
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Billboard house

Apostrophys The Synthesis Server Co., Ltd en tant que Architectes.

The "House Prototype" Design competition for "Baan Lae Saun Fair 2011" host by Baanlaesaun Magazine, For this year Apostrophys the synthesis server Co.,Ltd.,Thai multi-disciplinary design firm presented "Billboard house" the integration of O.D.M. (Outdoor Media) , the representative of "Capitalism" and "House" the basic need of human being. Billboard house inspired form the progression of the capitalism that contributes higher competition on advertising media especially O.D.M (Outdoor Media) which are located around the big cities separately. Sometimes their huge structure causes the visual pollution or harms the neighbor accidentally. However they are still be used in advertising industrial because of several advantages as following.

The Variety of Technique O.D.M has been developed all the times that consequence a variety of technique to serve the client’s need Trivision – it is the combination of 3 billboards by slicing a billboard into 3 faces which each face can rotated and create a new image. Wallscape – it is the combination of a building and billboard LED Board – it is the combination of LED screen and billboard Transit Advertising – it is the combination of vehical and billboard OUTDOOR MEDIA ADVERTISING FORMAT O.D.M. (Outdoor Media) can categorize into 4 groups by its size S, M, L, XL depend on the objective or the budget of the client. S - Street Advertising and Poster; the smallest and cheapest platform M - Mobile Billboard and Transit Advertising; the moveable platform L- House Advertising; the combination of house and billboard XL - Bulletin Billboard; the standard platform and Wallscape; the combination of high rise building and billboard

FINACIAL ISSUE This is the financial issue, According to the outdoor media rent chart (statistic from Bangkok), It trend to be higher. See in year 2009 the total revenue is 6,000 million baht(200 million US Dollar) compared with year 2010 the total revenue is increasing to 7,000 million. Baht(233 million US Dollar) The question that "How to bring in revenue from the lease of these outdoor media to pay by installment." which is basically a middle class to pay a higher interest rate. Need to pay more than half of their salaries each month. The timing of the payment as long as 20-30 years, so the concept of outdoor media for lease to pay by installment. Calculated to reduce the time needed to pay only 2 years.

THE AIM OF BILLBOARD HOUSE IS TO SHARE THE BENEFIT OF O.D.M. AMONG 3 USERS 1.Client–is the tenant who wants to rent an effective media with in-expensive price,as well as the variety of O.D.M platform and location. 2. Billboard Agency–is the coordinator between Client and Owner dweller who collect the information for advertisement band facilitate the owner dweller.The income of Billboard Agency is come from the advertising commission 3.Owner dweller–is the dweller who wants to have the extra income from the advertising rent, and the flexibility of Billboard house, that can response or change the owner’s life style.

HOW TO GET BILLBOARD HOUSE? The answer is everyone can own Billboard house with an easy step. 1. Registration– Register your name and contact information 2. Choose Function–Choose your favorite function for your house for example bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, parking, balcony, etc. 3.Install–Waiting for Billboard Agency install your house. 4. Add Ads–Waiting for Billboard Agency sale and add the advertising space. 5.Choose Platform and Location–Choose your favorite platform including -On ground -On mobile -On building -Over head And also choose your preferred location 6. Receive Billboard Smart Card–It is the identification card.It has chip which can record your information and using for GPS to identify your current location. And also, supporting Billboard Bank which can withdraw your advertising rent or pay your house installment. Design Element The main component of standard Billboard house is composed by a trailer base as a moveable base for 3 storey house within the billboard structure. For the exterior first side of its façade is composed with trivision billboard. It can change the image on both sides that make it as a kinetic façade create a different pattern on both side of the house. For another side is composed by Thai style blending iron which normally found in house of a big city. This blending iron can be moved and create a different pattern. And up to the top is covered with solar cell roof as a main energy source for the house. For the interior space, the aim of our design is to utilize all space sufficiently. For the first floor is designed for a living space including a set of home theater, pantry, bathroom and terrace. Next is the second floor is more private, designed for bedroom which has the storage under the bed platform and working area on the mezzanine. Both floors are linked with the stair which utilized underneath space for storage and also a big void to create double volume space and also the set of hydroponic plant on the handrail for the main source of food.

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