Betancourt Building
Jacinto Esteban

Betancourt Building

Basilio Tobías Pintre en tant que Architectes.

The dimensions of the building and the grouping of functions that the extense programme favours, together with the will to control the exterior spaces of the block from the edification, have determined the general configuration of the building, producing and articulated juxtaposition of the four main blocks which make it up, corresponding to the following uses:

B1. Classrooms, grade room, meeting rooms, offices, dining room and cafeteria

B2. Reading halls, deposits and rooms necessary for the use of the Library of the Campus.

B3. Workshops of different characteristics used by the diverse departments.

B4. Laboratories and offices of the Mechanical Engineering Department.

The differences in design in each of the blocks, together with their respective heights, provides them with a certain degree of autonomy inside the whole, which has been esteemed convenient given the extension of the building. The connecting elements, due to their glass structure, maintain this autonomy, establishing the precise unions.

Block 1 makes up, given its proportions, the predominant element of the whole, defining, together with Block 2, a great front towards the south. The setting back of the walls of the higher floors produced between both blocks defines the main entrance of the building, highlighted by the access porch. The relationship between this porch and the open courtyard that opens towards Block 2, through barred spaces of concrete, will guide the entrance run, through the sequence that establishes the fretwork elements of the covering and the presence of vegetation in the interior of the courtyard.

Block 2, the Library, represents the most western front of the whole, confronting the wide succession of spaces which separate the Betancourt Building to the Torres Quevedo Building.

The great glass surfaces to the west, protected like those open to the midday, through exterior barred openings, indicate the dimensions of the reading room, open to the courtyard facing west. The covering skylights arise from the prismatic volume of the block, producing an element of reference when looking at it from a distance.


Material Used :
1. Facade cladding: Lacquered steel panels, Phalmur
2. Slats: Adjustable slats, Gradpnel R
3. Windows: Anodized aluminum

4. Flooring: 
Micrograin terrazzo
Linoleum, DLW

5. Roofing:
Plaster plates, Decogips
Perforated plasterboard plates, Pladur fon

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