Bending Forest

Bending Forest

ayami takada architects
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My design proposal for a public toilet

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We forcused, first and foremost, on expanding the possibilities of molding. Bent plywood rings are used to create walls, roofs and other parts of buildings, as well as benches, sinks and other structures.

It gives a rich look to places that everyone uses on a daily basis. By combining various sizes of looped wood, it made by industrial products creates various scenes like nature that give a random impression. It brings merits of outdoor in parts of the building.

The void between the roof and the wall enables natural ventilation. The natural light pours in from the translucent roof frames, and the sounds of the forest creatures and the wind can be clearly heard inside. Even those who do not use the toilet can sit on the benches, take shelter from the rain, or walk through and enjoy the scenery. A public space is spread out.

We extends the possibilities of modeling through multidimensional manipulation, by plywood machined from trees that grow wild in the forest. By multiplying designs in multiple stages, we combine various technologies to create a beautiful space.

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