Bdeo HQ

Bdeo HQ

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Lourdes Cabrera

Bdeo HQ

2BOLD en tant que Architectes.

Bdeo is a Spanish startup that provides visual intelligence to the insurance industry. With a set of solutions based on video and artificial intelligence, they help along with the handling of auto and home insurance claims, reducing the time they usually take in an 85%.


In their 4th year of existence, and having had an enviable trajectory, something happened… their growth became exponential all of a sudden.

Due to this, and despite having most of the team working remotely (COVID pandemic had just stroke) they realized they needed more room for their team dynamics. 

And what’s more: they realized they needed a house that represented who they are. A house that told their story. That embodied their values and culture whilst facilitating their processes.

With this objective in mind, they embarked with 2BOLD in a co-design process that led to their present HQ.


Their team, young as the startup itself, was involved through a virtual survey that, besides showing an incredible energy, commitment and team connection, helped shaping some of the most iconic features of the design. 


Another important driver for the proposal development was their rebranding. Bdeo had just finished a process with Mendesaltaren, that conceptualized their brand into a Cube, representative of the 3D vision and a Play symbol, representing the action, the movement towards the future.


Being the space composed by two twin warehouses, these two features seemed perfect to reinforce their meaning. This way, the Cube was linked to the space of introspective, silent tasks, and the Play to that of dynamic encounters such as ideation or socialization.


Because message matters. 

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