Barceloneta Market and Square

Barceloneta Market and Square

MIAS Architects
Plaça Poeta Bosca, 1, 08003 Barceloneta, Barcelona, Spain | View Map
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Adrià Goula

Barceloneta Market and Square

MIAS Architects en tant que Architectes.

The new metal figures create new market spaces, suspended from the old structure. The old and new, never really overlap structurally, rather they do so in a false equilibrium.


The imprisoned, tamed building writhes within this space, a certain violence in its rebuilt form, acquiring a reality that lies between the memory of its former self and its new ambition. It uncurls, curls back up, and offers a succession of the new to discover.


From inside, the windows of neighbouring buildings overlay the enclosure, and vice versa. It is a market that can be understood as an extension of the city, of the neighbourhood, of its shops, of its bars, with a day-to-day continuity. And it can be crossed as one does a pedestrian crossing, hardly looking from side to side. Halls, restaurants, shops, spaces of and for the neighbourhood, ultimately create a sense of necessarily belonging to the place, of identifying with it, and participating in its energy.


Historically Barceloneta was the subject of much conversation. Restaurants on the beach which later disappeared, narrow streets, cramped flats, the clothes hanging out on the balconies, the shops, the artisans' workshops... and its people, who talked, and still talk, fast and loud.


The Barceloneta Market and Square identify characteristics of neighbourhood to reveal its qualities and to describe them accurately through the project.


As early as the competition stage a collage based on César Manrique's fantastic fish, drawings for children embodied and expressed the joy of the people living in the neighbourhood. The work became a reference to the liveliness, energy and enthusiasm in the face of frequent hardship, which was to be expressed in the building.


The Barceloneta Market seeks to form part of the neighbourhood, its urban fabric, and is redirected toward The squares front and rear – formerly no square existed, and the bays that made up the market crossed.

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