Bank of London and South America HQ in Buenos Aires

Bank of London and South America HQ in Buenos Aires

Clorindo Testa

Estudio SEPRA
Buenos Aires, Argentina | View Map
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Bank of London and South America HQ by Clorindo Testa and SEPRA

Archello Classics en tant que Médias.

Constructed in 1959, the Bank of London and South America Headquartes in Buenos Aires City represent the summit of brutalist architecture in Argentina. Designed by Estudio SEPRA (Sánchez Elía, Peralta Ramos y Agostini) in association with Clorindo Testa,

The main premise was to create a room in continuation of the public space and not enclosing it. According to the architects, the idea was that the lobby worked as a covered public square and not as a bank lobby.

The building has three underground levels and six overground levels. The entrance is located in the corner and its main feature is a five-meter hanging concrete screen that limits the space and visuals as seen from the inside. Concrete has been modeled throughout the facade in an expressive way.

The floors inside are organized around their function: private offices and staff only areas are located on the upper and below ground level floors. The upper floors virtually hang from the ceiling. The public spaces are the ground to third floors, and they rise from the ground level supported by columns.

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