Bangerang Park Amenities

Bangerang Park Amenities

Regional Design Service
Corowa, New South Wales, Australia | View Map
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Georgie James

Bangerang Park Amenities

Regional Design Service en tant que Architectes.

Bangerang Park Amenities is the first public architecture commission of emerging practice - Regional Design Service. Based in rural Australia, Regional Design Service is an Architecture & Design studio that is focused on delivering meaningful, thought-provoking and sustainable design outcomes for Rural and Regional communities and their inhabitants. 


The design of the amenities block replaced an existing structure that was falling into decay due to regular flooding of the Murray River. As a starting point the studio developed a conceptaround the bare minimum of materials-steel, concrete,timber, compact laminate and polycarbonate roofing.


At ground level eachmaterial needed to withstand the demands of public use, vandalism and flood events. When the next flood passes through the site all of the materials, except the timber, will remain unchanged. The timber however will be left with a tide mark from the peak level of the flood waters – creating a reminder for users of thewater level.


Whilst creating a hard wearing and robust piece of architecture, Regional Design Service sought to embed aspects of joy through the use of electric blue compact laminate panels as the toilet cubicles. Use of bright blue was proposed as a clear departure from ‘off the shelf’ public toilets where coldand dull tones dominate the user experience.


Perched in the privacy of the toilet cubicle, users are offered new ways of experiencing the outside environment. Throughout the day, shadows of the river gums are cast over the opaque roof,eucalypt leaves come in to focus as theyfall to rest above and the silhouette ofsmall bugs going about their business can be seen.


Material Used :
1. Laminex - Laminex Compact Laminate Partitions - Olympia Blue
2. Dulux - Summer Waters - to match Laminex Olympia Blue
3. Britex - Plumbing Fixtures
4. Ampelite - Cool-lite GC

Software Used :
1. Revit  
2. Photoshop  
3. Indesign

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Cool-lite GCAmpelite
Plumbing FixturesBritex USA
Summer Waters - to match Laminex Olympia BlueDulux Australia
Laminex Compact Laminate Partitions - Olympia BlueLAMINEX
Fiche technique du produit
Cool-lite GC
Plumbing Fixtures
Summer Waters - to match Laminex Olympia Blue
Laminex Compact Laminate Partitions - Olympia Blue
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